Airfoil Modeling

Apr - May 2018

This project analytically solved for the aerodynamics of flow around an airfoil, which were used to compute lift and drag. The air was modeled using Laplace's Equation, solutions of which were conformally mapped to the airfoil geometry by a Joukowsky transform. The same airfoil was then analyzed using SolidWorks flow simulation for comparison. The project was completed by a team of three students for Olin's Partial Differential Equations course.

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Project Airlock

Sep 2016 - Feb 2018

Project Airlock is a space-themed card game for 3-6 players, combining team strategy and social deduction elements. My two cofounders and I formed the company Fishbox Games LLC and launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the game, with an initial goal of $1,500. The campaign proved very successful, raising over $9,000 with nearly 250 backers. We have already manufactured and distributed copies to our backers, and have plans to continue selling the game online.

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Nov - Dec 2017

The Monocopter is an attempt to create a drone that flies using a single propeller. The reaction torque of the propeller causes it to spin constantly, and it can move around in space by periodically varying the propeller thrust as it turns. The project involved significant dynamics modeling, simulation in MATLAB, and control algorithm design for a non-linear system. Another student and I created this project for Olin's Quantitative Engineering Analysis course.

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Drop the Beat

Oct - Dec 2017

Drop the Beat is a mechanical music-playing machine that plays notes by hitting pipes with marbles. Song memory is stored mechanically using a pattern of holes in a laser-cut sheet, which fill with marbles and route them to the appropriate pipe. A recycling system carries used marbles back up to the top of the machine for reuse. This project was created by a team of five students for Olin's Principles of Engineering course.

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Robot Squid

Oct - Dec 2017

This robotic squid relies on directional jets for propulsion through the water, along with actuated fins to assist with steering. The control system is capable of autonomously locating and navigating to colored targets and receiving missions wirelessly from an operator's computer. This project was created by a team of six students for Olin's Fundamentals of Robotics course.

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Oct 2017

OverTone is a computer program capable of parsing an audio recording of a song, combining it with phone accelerometer data from a person tapping their foot to the beat, and generating sheet music by analyzing the frequency spectrum. A short-term Fast Fourier Transform brings the sound data into the frequency domain, and by detecting peaks and analyzing the overtone series the pitch and duration of each note can be identified. This project was created in collaboration with another student for Olin's Quantitative Engineering Analysis course.

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Nov 2016

TiltShoot is a VR game for the Oculus Rift, using a special mock gun containing an accelerometer connected to an Arduino. The accelerometer data is used to determine where the gun is pointing and set the orientation in-game to match for a more immersive play experience. This project was created in collaboration with two other Olin students at the 2016 Hackholyoke hackathon, where it won second place.

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